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O sumiço do Gordinho…

Post by MT – O sumiço do Gordinho…

Ae ! Vasculhei muito e descobri pq que o Gordinho anda sumido…

Que dó… dá pra ver até a indignação que ele está…

Olha o q eu achei…

Olha o q eu achei…

Será coisa da Simone ??? Ou do Gleidson ?

by MT

Post que acabou com o meu dia (Ai meu deus !!!!!)

É…..realmente eu poderia viver feliz e faceiro o resto dos meu dias sem saber dessa…

Sim… acho q realmente eu seria mais feliz se não tivesse lido isso….

” Regarding a certain Zangief dislike: I have no comment.

….well, okay. Got the official confirmation. Yes. Zangief IS gay.

Makes me look at his SF2 ending at… quite a new light, now. “You dance

very well, Mr. Ex-President.” And one of his CvS2 win quotes is “My body

is perfect! I should be in a magazine!” And there’s also him prancing

around in a succubus body without any emotional turmoil impact in Lilith’s

Marvel VS Capcom ending… Oo I’m not sure if that proves things there,

but it’s true that he’s gay. Actually, the Japanese stereotype for a gay

man is a big hairy scantily clad (usually in something like a thong) man,

often with a mustache. Well, Zangief fits most of the bill, sans the

‘stache (which I guess would be what Eagle’s there for). On a side note,

although the “dislikes young women” thing was added to his bio only

recently (come SFZ3), Zangief’s been officially gay ever since he was first

designed (the statement can be found in a source as old as the Official

Street Fighter 2 Fanbook).”

Post by DN

Post by DN